Elephant Juice

This brand harnesses the positive impact of crystal energy by combining them with elegant everyday accessories.

Mare & Itis Shop

Environmentally aware, high quality and affordable for non-toxic living.


NovaWoolf aims to positively contribute towards our changing world by providing you with premium quality, unique and eco-conscious designer Yoga products.

Petrichor Oils

Ethically sourced natural and essential oils cultivated to evoke an emotion of happiness, energy or calm.

Terres D’Afrique

These teas are crafted with African extracts and indigenous ingredients, to produce blends to supercharge your body and uplift your mind.

The Wellness Blend

Herbal loose leaf tea blends curated with a deep, pure purpose of bringing nourishment to the body.


In a world where toxins confront us around every corner, the Wynnya range of all-natural, alternative products reflect a combination of aromatherapy and herbalism.

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