Cape Island

A collection of luxury candles & home fragrance products inspired by the natural beauty of Africa.


Each of our five fragrance collections is an intentional composition of scent, colour and narrative inspired by the African continent. Using fragrance and colour as our medium, we have created a line of products that is also an artistic expression of the African experience, each fragrance with its own unique story and tribute.

The ultimate goal of our brand is to connect you to Africa's inspiring tapestry of nature, art and culture and bring this into your home in a sophisticated way.  We also recognise that simply telling these stories is not enough. The mission at Cape Island has always been to create positive change through environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to ethical manufacturing and sourcing of sustainable raw materials. Our products are cruelty free, environmentally friendly and aquatically safe. We are also proud to offer refillable, re-usable packaging wherever possible. Finally, through our Giving Back initiative, we donate a percentage of proceeds to a group of very worthy local non-profit organisations doing the good work that is so needed in Africa. 

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